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Required Elective

Seminar (I):Advanced(Required)

Seminar (II):Advanced(Required)

Seminar (III):Advanced (Required)

Seminar (IV):Advanced(Required)

Seismology (Elective)

Geophysical Mathematics (Elective)

Geodynamics (Elective)

Digital Signal Processing (Elective)

Faults and Mechanics of Faulting (Elective)

Seismic Data Processing (Elective)

Engineering Seismology (Elective)

seismic tomography (Elective)

Ambient Noise Seismology (Elective)

Array seismology (Elective)

Theoretical Seismolgy (Elective)

Geochronology and its Application (Elective)

Global Positioning System-Principles and Applications (Elective)

Advanced environmental and soil sciences (Elective)

Advanced Environmental Chemistry (Elective)

Stable Isotope Geochemistry (Elective)

Tectonic Geomorphology (Elective)

Tectonic evolution of the Eurasia Plate margin (Elective)

Hydrogeology of fractured rocks (Elective)

study requirements