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EES is the only academic department in Taiwan that integrates seismology, geophysics, geological sciences and environmental sciences in one organization. In accordance with the current development of earth and environmental sciences. Environmental issues, natural hazard mitigation and energy resource exploration are popular subjects around the world. In addition, EES and the Department of Life Sciences offer a joint program titled Environmental Biotechnology, which will lead students to become a multidisciplinary professional in environmental sciences. Specialties in teaching

(I) Seismology
Strong ground motion estimation and simulation, active faults study, numerical modeling in seismic wave propagation, earthquake geology, active structures study, earthquake source physics and mechanisms.

(II) Geology and Geophysics
Environmental geology, structural geology, numerical geodynamic modeling (oil exploration, earthquake disaster prevention), non-destructive ultrasonic testing, geophysical and seismic exploration technology (engineering geophysics, deep structure imaging techniques, propagation and scattering of acoustic waves, electromagnetic waves and elastic waves in random media, and geodesy.

(Ш) Environmental pollutions analysis and sustainable use of natural resources
Remediation and monitoring environmental pollutions, environmental chemistry, water resource investigation and monitoring, nano-engineering in microorganism, ecology, and global environment change.